sysvbanner, linebanner – print text banners

sysvbanner <text> [ <text> ]
linebanner <text> [ <text> ]

These programs print their arguments, one per line, as banners
sysvbanner is a native port of sysvbanner used in FreeBSD and various other systems, which emulates the behavior of the banner command from System V Unix. It prints its arguments, one per line, using a 8x8 "font" composed of # characters.
linebanner is similar, but uses the Unicode box drawing characters. This is more demanding on your display font — it must include the relevant characters, they must be sized correctly, and the width of the space character must match — but under good conditions produces much prettier output.



Both these programs compile and run under plan9port, but to build linebanner.c you'll need to change the include of String.h to instead reference libString.h.
Line width should be configurable, and should arguably be detected.