:; fortune
A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

:; ls -l
--rw-rw-r-- M 98 a sys  732 Dec  8 15:06 about
--rwxrwxr-x M 98 a sys  455 Dec  8 15:03 edwin
--rw-rw-r-- M 98 a sys  364 Dec  8 15:03 pibutton.c
--rwxrwxr-x M 98 a sys  466 Dec  8 15:03 termrc.local
--rw-rw-r-- M 98 a sys  124 Dec  8 15:01 todo

:; cat about
ed(1) is the standard editor.

ed(1)term is a Raspberry Pi running Plan 9 which (optionally)
boots directly to ed(1) for a distraction-free writing environment.
Under more conventional boot situations, it will also monitor a
gpio pin and open a new window running ed(1) when the pin is

The boot behavior is driven by a change to /rc/bin/termrc.local
(from the comment "# ed(1)term" to EOF), while the monitoring
is provided by 'edwin', run by (n)rio's -i. Both rely on 'pibutton',
a trivial program which prints the state of each gpio pin.

Both scripts monitor pin 5 (logical, not physical, pins; that's pin
29 on all models after the first), and expect the switch to run to
ground. Both of these are trivial to change.

:; cat todo
• Build a suitable case with a properly mounted button.
• Make the startup continue in the background while running ed.