:; fortune
Premature optimization is the root of all evil.  -D. E. Knuth
:; ls -l
--rwxr-xr-x M 160217 a sys  363 Apr 29 13:15 about
--rw-rw-r-- M 160217 a sys  164 Jun  8 21:20 changes
--rw-rw---- M 103923 a sys  442 Feb 14 14:07 install
--rw-rw-r-- M 160217 a sys 4882 Apr 29 13:15 finger.1.html
--rw-rw-r-- M 160217 a sys 2329 Apr 29 13:15 finger.tgz
:; cat about
This is a simple client and server implementation of the
finger protocol (RFC 1288) for Plan 9.

See the man page for more info; 'nroff -man finger.1'.

:; cat install
1) Download finger.tgz from this page.

2) Extract it anywhere; this is not (typically) where it'll run from.
	I use $home/src/cmd/finger.

3) Read the mkfile to make sure the install path targets make sense for you.

4) From within the directory you extracted it to, run 'mk install'.

	• Plan 9.

:; troff -manhtml finger.1 | troff2html -t 'finger' > finger.1.html
:; finger a@9srv.net
Login:  a			Real name: Anthony Sorace
Last login: Apr 29 11:51
pgp/gpg key fingerprint:
	139B 6C44 F4E4 EC34 35F5  796E CAB6 F9D9 BE65 AECE

twtxt:	2021-04-29T13:35:29-07:00
	I've published my silly finger implementation: http://txtpunk.com/finger

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