:; fortune
`Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing.'
:; ls -l
--rw-rw---- M 103923 a sys  805 Feb 14 14:47 about
--rw-rw---- M 103923 a sys  442 Feb 14 14:07 install
--rw-rw---- M 103923 a sys 4502 Feb 14 14:40 tw.1.html
--rw-rw---- M 103923 a sys 2924 Feb 14 14:40 tw.tgz
:; cat about
tw(1) is a simple twtxt client for Plan 9 written in rc. It consists of a set
of tools to retrieve feeds from accounts you follow, generate a
unified timeline from them, read that timeline, and write updates to
your own feed. Typical usage might look like:

	:; tw/w 'Hah... my silly twtxt client now has "stories" mode.☺'
	:; tw/mktl -p # This can live in cron.
	:; tw/r
	http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt	2021-02-14T01:25:30-08:00
	  Hah... my silly twtxt client now has "stories" mode.☺

Configuration for the installation lives (somewhat awkwardly) in the
executable directory in a file "lib". By default, just put a list of URLs
you'd like to follow, one per line, in $home/lib/feeds and create a
dummy $home/lib/web/tw.txt (a dummy example is included).

See the man page for more info; 'nroff -man tw.1'.

:; cat install
1) Download tw.tgz from this page.

2) Extract it anywhere; this is not (typically) where it'll run from.
	I use $home/src/cmd/tw.

3) Read the mkfile to make sure the install path targets make sense for you.

4) From within the directory you extracted it to, run 'mk install'.

	• Plan 9.
	• datefmt; see http://9p.io/sources/contrib/anothy/src/cmd/datefmt.c
	• Highly recommended: a webfs patched to handle modern TLS.

:; troff -manhtml tw.1 | troff2html -t 'tw' > tw.1.html